I don’t know why/how, but Anna Akana just seems to be tapping into my moods lately.  It’s like she takes what I’m feeling and translates it into something helpful. Not sure if I can clearly explain it. But here’s an example from this vid – going off the grid/disconnecting from technology. Today(before I saw this vid), I went on a solo excursion to Moss Landing, CA and went whale watching. I have so much footage and can’t wait to compile them and throw them up on my blog. Stay tuned.

Anyways, it felt good to wake up early, not wait for anyone, have an hour drive to the ocean. And 4 incredible, off the grid, hours of whale watching with hardly any downtime. No worrying about emails/texts/phone calls/life.  It was beyond belief. And then I went and caught a flick by myself, came home and saw this video and thought, how bizarre!

Thank you, fate/universe/higher being/luck/coincidence for aligning Anna’s vids to my life.


How to Feel Better

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