I’ve recently switched gears and got a new job in a completely different industry – electronics. Not to say I’m not grateful for the opportunity for a stable job with decent pay, but I’ve been feeling rather unaccomplished lately and can’t seem to shake it.

Every day I think about how boring my day will be. And I hate to say that I hate my job, but I have no other words for it. I thought I was taking an opportunity to further my career, to gain something that would eventually lead me into a higher position with greater pay. Alas, I was/am disappointed. I started July 1st and I used to tell myself it’s getting better, but it wasn’t and hasn’t and I won’t know if it ever will be.

It’s not the type of hate that people mention when they are swamped, etc. It’s the complete opposite which has me feeling completely unbalanced. I feel like i’m wasting my time by being at a position where I’m not utilizing my skills. I’m not learning anything new, in my mind, that would be beneficial to furthering my career.

I sound ungrateful. People would love to have this job.

I’ve had a bad track record with things like this – making bad decisions, wasting time, etc. Is this any different? On the positive side, I’ve gotten myself out from underneath my dad’s financial responsibilities by no longer working for him. But now, it’s not just another job in my adolescence where I need the money for shits and giggles. I truly want to become something more than this. And THIS is standing in the way. And all over again I feel like I’ve made the wrong decision.

Is it too early to jump ship?


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